TN: Marchesi di Barolo Sbirolo Langhe Nebb '21...(short/boring)

Tried this new wine this weekend:

  1. Marchesi di Barolo S birolo Dd’OC: Langhe Nebbiolo (13.5%;; FrederickWildman/NY) Barolo 2021: Fairly dark color; very strong Nebb/floral/lilacs rather tarry/licorice/pungent slight earthy rather big/rich/lush almost essence of Nebb bit comple nose; quite tart/tangy/bit acidic intense Nebb/licorice/tarry/floral/pungent some earthy/dusty/OV classic Nebb/pungent flavor w/ ample hard/chewey tannins; very long/lingering strong Nebb finish that follows flavor w/ ample ripe tannins; a pretty big intense huge fruit Nebb almost Calif in style because of its rich/lush character; not the ethereal fragrant perfume of a Barolo but a pretty big solid Nebb at a great price. $24.00 (KK)

More blickkerfrat from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Couldn’t find anything on their WebSite about this wine. So it’s a bit of a mystery to me… But it’s a good solid value from a great producer.

When did Marchesi di Barolo become a great producer? I’ve always thought they had forever been middling at best and about on par with Fontanafredda or Terre di Barolo.

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Definitely not a distinctive or top tier producer. I have had their wines from the 50s and 60s that were pretty good. Nothing profound but they were able to go the distance in better vintages. I suppose at that time they at least had the resources to produce clean wines. Haven’t had anything recently. Huge production. I’m guessing they pump out 2-3x the number of bottles vs Produttori del Barbaresco.

I’m glad to hear this impressed, as they still hold a positive memory as the 1st Barolo my partner tried, starting a firm interest for her. Likewise I’m less impressed with them currently (and a visit to them in 2012 was certainly unimpressive), but maybe this is a green shoot of recovery? I’d be very happy to see that happen!

Well…greatness is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.
I’ve always liked their wines…maybe not as profound as some others.

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I like their wines too, but have not heard of this bottling.

I’m not a fan of oaked Nebbiolo. Marchesi still raise their wines in barrique?

The oak signature in this wine was pretty insignificant.

I thought most of the time the Langhe level was typically early release, non wood vats? which makes sense from agronomic perspective since not all the plots may merit that.

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