TN: Léoville Barton 2014

Very good, lots of potential, but too early. There is an impressive level of integration, with a melange of red, purple, and black fruits, along with a nice dollop of graphite. However the tobacco, cedar, earthiness that I love in great Bordeaux just wasn’t there. I’m sure it will come with time. The body was a bit lighter than I expected from such a great producer, not sure if that was the mediocre vintage or because the wine just needed a little time to put on some weight. PnP, decanting for a few hrs, and even overnight in the fridge didn’t change the wine appreciably. This wine will last for a long long time.


I don’t think 14 is a mediocre vintage. Its a very good bdx vintage. It’s structured and will take time.

“Mediocre vintage…”


2014 is an excellent vintage, and for stalwart classics like LB, you need a minimum of 15 years. I have mine buried away, would not even think about touching them.

Perhaps “mediocre” vintage is a bit too harsh. I’m no expert, but Jancis Robinson called 2014 “good not great” and Vinous says the vintage is “a bit slender and lacking in both breadth and power”. Seems like it’s one more for elegance and subtlety rather than hedonistic powerhouse wine, which is fine by me. And I fully acknowledge that I opened this way too young; I was curious about it, but realize this way-too-early taste is just that, and nothing to judge the wine by in any sort of definitive way.

Every LB that I’ve had from a less-heralded vintage has been absolutely slamming once they’ve been given a proper amount of time. As the 2014 BDX expert/advocate Robert says, this one will probably be rocking after 15 years. Hope you’ve got a few more to sit on! I’ll definitely keep my eye out, I have yet to try a LB that I didn’t swoon over.

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Thanks Noah for taking one for the team - I haven’t tried the 2014 yet but your note reminds me of the 2004, an excellent but not an earthy wine, one of my current favourites and much better (for my taste) than some more heralded vintages, so plenty to look forward to!
2014 is a wine aficonado’s vintage rather than a critic’s vintage, IMO. Good value, and as you say, elegant, just right for the likes of me!

I’ll join the chorus; I love 2014 as a vintage. As Julian (and others) have said, it is a vintage that stands out in the company of other “bigger” vintage but for us bdx loyalists, that is how we like it. The vintage sings; it doesn’t shout.

Had a 2014 Meyney a few nights ago, and it “sings” for sure. Also, it’s a bit painful to drink at this point - the acid and structure is a bit like licking a 9-volt battery. But give it 15 years and it will be a stunner. It drinks like Calon Segur at 1/3 the price.

I did a lot of weird stuff as a kid but I’m glad licking a battery was one of them so I can understand a lot of tasting notes. champagne.gif

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My credit card has 2014 as vintage of the century.

Good thing cause I love what I have tasted so far.

Thanks for checking in on this and for the other thoughts on 2014 Bordeaux. I keep finding 2014s at Wegmans for an absolute steal. I picked up a few bottles of this LB for around $60 and am glad to hear it wasn’t a con. They are stashed away for now, but I am psyched to try them in 2030 or so.

I bought in futures for $50. If I saw it today at $60, I’d snag a case and run like I stole it!

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I wouldn’t come close to counting this out. As others have said, LB shines in Bordeaux drinkers vintages. The 01 and the 04 are pure Bordeaux beauty right now