TN: Laherte Frères les Grandes Crayères premier cru extra brut 2015

wow. I’ve only had a smattering of Laherte wines but, wow, that’s gonna change. This wine is just gorgeous, lovely density of fresh orchard fruit and citrus, ginger hints, green apple, spice, not yeasty or oxidative. It’s all in harmony and just delicious. Will last and likely improve.

One of my favorites (grower and vineyard) just great stuff that I know already I’m going to regret not buying more of.

A great bottling.


For those that missed the FMIII interview.

Is 17 as good as 15?

I was a bit disappointed in a Laherte Frères Champagne Rosé de Meunier Extra Brut that came from 18 base, with '15-'17 reserve wines. I liked previous iterations of the same wine more. I haven’t opened any '17 les Grandes Crayères but have a few in the cellar.

LOVE them too! Every time I drink a bottle, I always say the same thing…“I need to buy more of this…and I need to try others in the range…”

I don’t drink or buy much BdB but that’s the one I keep buying and keep on hand for those times a BdB is needed.

The RdM EB disgorged 01-2021 tried recently was really, really good.

17 is cheapest at Zachys and $100 off 500 w code SAVE100BUCKS

Thanks for the note Alan, I have a sixer of this buried in the offsite. Its turning to winter here in NZ, so I will make a note to pull one for spring

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