TN: Krug Rose with age and lobster curry

  • NV Krug Champagne Brut Rosé - France, Champagne (11/29/2018)
    Found this bottle in a grocery store on St. Thomas. Older flower border so it has weathered at least 2 big hurricanes. Color was pristine so I took a chance.

Popped and poured at Thali Indian restaurant. This is outrageously good. It has the complexity and aged notes of the older gold label MV but additional weight and complexity. Showing very young with amble effervescence and acidity. As Krug usually does the acidity ramps up over the next hour and this goes from outrageously good to mind blowing. I wish there was a way to buy cases of this. Ended up pairing this with local spiny lobster curry

Photo added below as proof of how effervescent this bottle was after years of suboptimal storage conditions.
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psh. i’m sure it was fine, spent most of the time underwater!! ;D

so cool !

I knew Fu would hate so I took a photo showing how effervescent it was :wink:

second pic flat tho. Sure first one wasn’t Caribbean soda?!

“Second” picture was 1 hour prior. That’s how the website orders them when you upload. Notice the ambient lighting. Really drives home how youthful it was.

Why does it look like Gravner?

Lobster curry sounds good. Too bad no pics of that!

Do these Rosés have the Krug vintage tag thingy that gives you details on this wine? I’m curious how old it really is.

So I have to ask…what’s a bottle of this run for in St. Thomas? blush

$308. Not terrrible. The 04 Dom Rose and 05 Cristal Rose were in the $5-700s.

I read the headline to this thread and thought “that flavor combination sounds absolutely fantastic and incredibly rare at the same time”

Happy to hear it delivered for you!

Before the ID codes so all we really know is between 2004 and 2011 release based on the label meaning the base is 2004-ish or older.

Thanks Fred.

Wow what a great combo. Thanks for the note.