tn krug clos de mesnil 1995

So my wife and I are in savannah for a wedding and last night we made a last stop at the mansion for a nightcap. Perusing the winelist I was tempted by '96 salon at 750 and bollinger vvf at 895. I really can’t afford wines like that but have never seen either on a wine list.
At the bottom of the champagne section they list krug clos de mesnil. For 124 dollars! I ordered it immediately but a few minutes the bartender came back and said they didn’t have it. I am heartbroken but it was too good to be true anyway right?
We order a bottle of sonoma pinot and relax laughing about how cool it would have been to try one of the greatest champys on earth at one fifth of retail. A few minutes later the bartender came back by to check on us and I asked if she wouldn’t mind looking one more time for the krug. She told us she knew nothing about wine but would ask the manager.
Five minutes later she returned with flutes and a small silver coffin bearing the magic words, krug clos de mesnil!
I almost fell over. She pulled the cork and poured. I know there are greater vintages but it really was a singular wine. Steely, with effortless power in reserve. Lemon oil, chalk, limestone, and biscuit poured out of the glass. A real sense of the coiled spring. I am sure in ten or more years this will offer much more but it was thrilling to taste young. Aromatically a bit more demure than the palate I sense this is really all about potential. Finally a krug that stacey likes! The real character of the wine was the long yet effortless finish. It stayed on the palate for minutes but was so refined.
I may never get to taste another of these. I simply can’t afford the tariff, but last night I got to share one with my wife and our friends kris and shawn. For 124 bucks! The wine gods were smiling on us last night.

Cheers to your luck! [highfive.gif]

I think a few of us are gassin’ up our cars now, & heading for the airport! Ha Ha Ha

Have only had one vintage, the '88. An Amazing sparkling wine, & one of the best white wines I’ve ever tasted. The intensity & concentration were off the charts. Not even a fan of the house style including a hint of oxidation, but it sure works in monumental wines like the Clos du Mesnil!


Awesome story Benjamin. Reminds me of Bob Flemming’s Rayas story. Now if you can get your luck to rub off on me, I’d be greatful! [worship.gif]


A lovely story, well told.

May you and your wife have many such anniveraries!

All the best,
Alex R.

Well considering that the 1995 Krug CdM goes for $675+ at retail you got quite a deal (probably significantly below their cost). I’ve not had this vintage but have the 1988, 1990, and 1992 in my cellar.

We did try to order a second and were told that one was it.