TN: Ketcham 2007 Pinot Noir "RRV"

Rich, dark, lucious. An excellent, well balanced Pinot in a style that I love. Beautifully concentrated fruit, lingering aftertaste a great wine with food or by itself. Wonderful now, and I assume it will continue to improve.

Kudos to Steve R., Michael B. and the entire Ketcham team for this one.

For me Ketcham is a keeper.

I really liked this too, thanks for the note Mike.

Sounds great Mike. Thanks for an early look.

Thanks for the note, Mike. I really like the Ketcham pinots but have not tried the 07’s yet . . . still have a couple 05’s left and most of my '06’s.

I liked the first bottle so much, I went back to Steve and ordered more.

Don’t forget… the 07s were the last vintage made by Michael.

I think, however, that the vineyards will speak for themselves.

Who’s making the wines in 08 going forward?

Not sure who will be making the wines. Where’s Steve R. when you need him?

Funny. I have enjoyed the Ketcham wines more than KB, yet same winemaker…go figure. Not touching the 07s until next year.

Is this your first venture into the '07 ? I love it, probably one of my favorite vintages of the Ketcham …

I agree Carrie, this was really sensational. Don’t think it was that expensive either.

Even though I have a self-imposed buying moratorium going, I just went back to Steve and picked up a few more.