TN: Kaessler The Bogan 02. Warning: Fruity wine

Wow. Quite the surprise,

Velevety, just-mature fruits, and a clean acid streak. Round and full but with an excellent back-bone and an everlasting finish.
Easily my best Aussie for quite awhile.
And it gives me hope Joanna [welldone.gif]

Exactly Tex. Eddy was king in a short while. Used to #dance" to this and Electric Avenue, bearing in mind the quote; Music moves me, but it moves me ugly"

I had the 04 a little while back. It was one of my best Aussie Shirazes recently(although I’ve had a cab or cab franc i’ve liked better). That said, Jay Miller WAY, WAY, WAY over scored the wine(the 04). it had some complexity and balance, but no substantial acidic lift, so it still came across as a bit of a burden to drink. Very good compared to many others, but still was disappointing if that’s one of the best. I think relatively warm climate, heavily extracted shiraz is just dead to me, but there are a very few exceptions and i don’t think this was really in that category. I think i scored it only 4 or 5 points shy of Jay Miller.