TN: Jaffurs Syrahs/Melville/Thompson '00....(short/boring)

We tried ystrday @ Pig+Fig:

  1. Jaffurs Syrah MelvilleVnyd/SantaBarbaraCnty (14.7%) SantaMaria 2000: Very dark color w/ some browning; quite smokey/toasty/oak strong black pepper/c-c some blackberry/Syrah/boysenberry some Rhonish/smokey/roasted rather complex slightly tired nose; quite tart/metallic some c-c/black pepper strong toasty/smokey/oak rather tired/dried out light blackberry/Syrah flavor w/ some tired/drying tannins; very long rather tired/dried-out slight blackberry/Syrah bit c-c/black pepper finish w/ tired tannins; still speaks of c-c/Melville Syrah but pretty tired on the palate.

  1. Jaffurs Syrah ThompsonVnyd/SantaBarbaraCnty (14.9%) SantaMaria 2000: Very dark color w/ some browning; some tired/musty/decaying leaf pile some classic Thompson/peppery slight blackberry/Syrah some interesting nose; tart rather tired/dried out some musty slight Thompson/peppery/blackberry some smokey/oak flavor w/ light metallic/drying tannins; speak a bit of Thompson Syrah but pretty much dead & gone.

More zizzlefuss from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. We were tasting the new TablasCreek releases ystrday & DaveYates/Jaffurs was in the neighborhood & wanted to attend, so I pulled two old Jaffurs Syrahs. I didn’t expect a whole lot from them & they definitely delivered on those expectations.
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Thanks, Tom, as you always find something interesting in that garage of yours and always appreciate the attention you pay even to dead soldiers.

So, 22 yrs is too long, but what does your zizzlemuse think about the aging limit for the typical SBC syrah? 15 yrs? 10 yrs?