TN: Jaboulet Dom.Thalabert Crozes-Hermitage '15...(short/boring)

Larry brought this mystery wine last week:

  1. PaulJabouletAine Dom. de Thalabert AC: Crozes-Hermitage (13.5%; LaRoche de Glun 2015: Very dark/black color; some blackberry/boysenberry/ripe/Syrah/spicy quite lush slight metallic very CalifSyrah-like nose w/ scant NRhone character; soft rich/lush/ripe Syrah/blackberry/boysenberry slight earthy/metallic flavor w/ light soft/ripe tannins; very long soft/bit porky very strong Syrah/boysenberry/blackberry/slight spicy/very ripe slight earthy finish w/ light soft tannins; pretty much devoid of any NRhone/roasted character; this is how they would make Crozes-Hermitage in PasoRobles if they could; bit pricey for this at $35.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Most of us guessed this to be a Calif Syrah. Clearly a NRhone designed for Monktown palates.

I believe that is spelled Monktown pallets.

Oops, I bought a whole bunch of this. Oh well, Cali Syrah suits me just fine too :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Eric…it’s not a bad wine, per se…just not a lot of NRhone character I was expecting.
Hope you paid less than $35, though.

I had the '15 Thalabert a few months ago and it was a big, ripe bruiser. Not so surprising given the vintage. I can see how you’d compare it to a Paso syrah. I preferred the '10, which it tauter, less effusive. I bought only one '15.

Interesting that olive notes aren’t being detected?

Personally I find it hard to slot young wines into their spots in the pantheon at this point.

Plus, I think Rhones benefit from aging in most cases

Thanks for the note.

I do find it surprising that Thalabert is trading for more than the Rourre bottling.

It’s a far cry from the 1990 (which is still drinking beautifully btw), that’s for sure.

Not your fathers Thalabert. So sad. This was a value deal for N Rhone a couple of decades ago.

This cuvee was excellent in the early 1990s. I grabbed a few 2015s, but sounds like I will be gifting them to my father, who loves 2007 Chateaunuef du Pape like someone else we know. [wow.gif]

If it was from Paso what would be better in this style for less than $35?

This Domaine has been through a lot of changes since Gerard Jaboulet passed away. They seem to be on track but this is a tough vintage, so ripe. I bought a magnum of 2015.