TN: Hitting Brucie's Cellar...(short/boring)

Had dinner w/ friends and the Frontier Wine Imports western rep, Lisa, last night. Sue pulled up some gems from her late husband’s (Bruce) cellar. TN’s are a bit sparse because there was a lot of chin-waggin’ going on.

  1. PolymathWine Riesling BohanVnyd/FtRoss-Seaview (12.8%) 2014: color; very aromatic R/floral/mango rather stony/chalky slight Mosel valve oil/petrol some complex nose; very tart/tangy quite floral/mango/R rather stony/mineral slight petrol/valve oil flavor; very long/lingering quite stony/mineral strong mango/floral/R finish; fairly strong mango/R flavor w/ loads of minerality; should go another 10 yrs I would guess.

  1. Schloss Liefer Lieferer Niederberg Belden Riesling (QmP; Spatles; A.P.Nr. 2 589050 5 77) Freiherr von Schorlemer/Liefeul/Mosel 1976: Deep gold color; slight dusty/earthy/musty that clears bit stony/mineral some botrytis/peachy light Mosel valve oil quite complex nose; rather tart some botrytis bit cedary/pencilly somewhat rich/botrytis light Mosel valve oil bit dried out rather complex flavor; very long slight botrytis/peachy bit cedary/pencilly light Mosel valve oil rather dry but rich bit dried out complex finish; a beautiful complex old Mosel but drying out a bit on the palate.

  1. JJPrum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling (QmP; Auslese; A.P.Ne. 2 576511-28 72; EA) Joh.Jos.Prum/Wehlen/Mosel 1971: Deep golden color; beautiful Mosel valve oil/petrol some cedary light botrytis/apricotty very complex complex old Mosel nose; lightly tart strong Mosel valve oil/petrol light botrytis bit cedary/pencilly fairly dry/rich very complex classic old Mosel flavor; very long/lingering light botrytis strong Mosel valve oil/petrol light botrytis very complex slightly off dry/rich/lush very complex finish; shows surprisingly little botrytis for an Auslese but loads of complex old Mosel/valve oil character; a beautiful old Mosel that’ll still be going strong in 10 yrs or more.

  1. ArmandRousseau AC: Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru (13%) 1976: Med. color w/ light bricking; beautiful truffly/mushroomy/earthy slight PN/floral very complex old RedBurg nose; lightly tart quite smooth/gentle very strong mushroomy/truffly some earthy/damp cellar flavor w/ light smooth tannins; very long/lingering very smooth rather mushroomy/root cellar/truffly somewhat earthy quite complex finish; a very smooth/gentle/delicate old RedBurg but not a lot of PinotNoir fruit remaining; truly the epitome of Jesus’ velvet britches. $17.00 (Q)

  1. ArmandRousseau AC: Charmes-Chambertin 1985: Med.dark color w/ slight bricking; much younger some truffly/mushroomy/root cellar light violets/PN/floral rather aromatic/perfumed qute complex classic old RedBurg nose; lightly tart fairly smooth some PinotNoir/violets/floral light truffly/mushroomy gentle complex finish w/ light bit astringent tannins; very long/lingering light truffle/mushroomy light PN/floral/violets slight earthy fairly smooth/elegant quite complex finish w/ light bit bitey tannins; definitely younger than the '76 & still showing some PN fruit but drying out a bit on the palate; beautiful complex old RedBurg. $51.00 (Q)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Polymath: This is the label of Savannah Wright, asst.winemaker at Failla. Made only occasionally and in tiny lots. This R is evolving very nicely and I see no reason it won’t be wonderful in 10 yrs, given the high acidity. Alas, the Bohon Vnyd pulled its Riesling after this last crop.

  1. Bruce was a very avid & shrewd wine collector that left a quite large wine cellar when he died slightly over two yrs ago. Most of it was sold off on consignment, but Sue kept a nice small collection of it. She has been inviting friends over to work down this remaining cellar. This was another such dinner with terrific food and great conversation. The wines were, as I expected, fantastic.

  1. Unfortunately, last night was the memorial service for Murray Gell-Mann. He used to drink wine out at CalTech w/ my seminal wine mentor, Richard Feynman. Only in LosAlamos, I saw a few months ago some graffiti scrawled on the wall of a bathroom stall…a Feynman diagram!! Murray had an abiding interest in wine and I got to know him at AquaSanta restaurant, where I would often go over and share my dinner wine, usually something special I had brought, with his table. A truly fine gentleman. He would have fit in perfectly at last night’s dinner.

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You lived with geniuses! How lucky.

Dan Kravitz

Well, Dan…didn’t really live with them. Murray I just knew casually, but our talk was always about wine…never Science.
My wine connection with Feynman was twice removed…thru two other major professors. But I did meet him once and we talked Science for about 20 min. He developed an equation (pre-initiation equation…a very ugly nonlinear adjoint transport equation) during the Manhattan Project, but was unable to solve it because of no computers and lacked the necessary nuclear data. I bragged to him that, 50 yrs later, that I was able to solve it where he had failed. He got a huge laugh out of that. Of the 6 Nobel prize winners I’ve met…he was the best.

What a great lineup of wines. Very cool.

And a rare sighting of the seldom used Ft Rodd-Seaview AVA.

Yes, pretty cool, Tom,

About the wine and the physicists. Nice to see you posting about great Red Burg for a change. neener
Loved Aqua Santa back in the day (and of course Escalera before that).

So IS she a polymath, or simply thought it was a cool word to use?

I only met her once, Markus. So don’t know if she’s a polymath. She probably thought it was a cool word to use.