TN: Here's a curiosity ... Texas wine

First one I’ve had in a while. And one of the better ones. Perhaps not utterly Pinot-like, but drinkable enough.

  • 2008 Messina Hof Pinot Noir Barrel Reserve - USA, Texas (1/15/2010)
    14.0% alcohol. Surprising quality for this wine. I would have expected something more ripe and raisin-like. Pleasant nose of blackberry jam and a slight floral note. In the mouth, sweet fruit. Light mouth feel without too much structure. Quite drinkable. B

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What…did you lose a bet to Tyler or Daniel?

Friend brought it over. I’m shockingly open-minded sometimes!

I don’t know what it is…maybe Texas Terroir, but every Texas wine I’ve had possesses this odd burned rubber nose similar to those of South Africa. It is just downright unpleasant. I wonder what this is? Winemakers?

Messina Hof was the first wine I ever bought which was about 15 years ago. Those College Station girls love it (the winery is 5 miles from A&M campus)…and I aim to please.

Any idea where Texas red grapes brick out before they’re harvested?

HA! I’ve had MH. From Bryan right? Not that bad. Drink it with chicken fried steak! [welldone.gif]

Ooooo, College Station girls - did they have teeth? Rough group down there with the animals and all.


Yup, Bryan … I imagine they’re picking pretty ripe because it had a bit of RS in it, or so it tasted.