TN Herb Lamb 2008 Sauvignon Blanc

We opened this last night after Herb dropped it off and it had good acidity, prevelant white peach, with a hint of guava. We thought it might be better with something like cheese. Carrie gassed the bottle and tonight we had cheese from Dean & Deluca, (Pepper Jack and Smoked Gouda) with crackers. The wine was a perfect compliment to the cheese and vise versa. Both were so enjoyable. The acidity cut through the heavy flavors of the cheese, leaving an after taste of white peach and mandarin orange, (which I didn’t get the first day). Kudos to Herb. Here’s a pic of Carrie “cutting cheese.” [berserker.gif] [berserker.gif]

Randy, thanks for the note. I have been a long time buyer of Herb Lamb reds and have not purchased any of the whites yet. Might get a three pack for kicks and giggle with the next paycheck.

Randy… do you carry it at the shop? I love the wine, but the 2-day shipping costs (no ground offered),
along with only about 12 states that they ship to makes it tough. I could do without the fancy-shmancy
packaging. I’d rather pay less for the wine.

Hi Bud,
Randy apparently didn’t see this but yes we do have it at our shop. I actually really like this more the 2nd day, the tropical fruit characteristics really came through.

Loved the two vintages I’ve purchased. Plus, if you buy a case right now, you only have to fork over half of the moola now and the balance in August. Herb Lamb credit!

Thanks, Carrie. I’ll be in touch!!!