TN: Goodfellow, Bedrock, Enfield.

These were all from a couple of days ago, so pretty sparse notes:

2019 Enfield Citrine Chardonnay: Pretty lean Chard that didn’t give much up chilled, but after it warmed up started to show itself a bit more. Clean, citric and delightful, but with a little sneaky bite mid-palate of some slightly nutty, oxidative notes. Medium acidity. Think this is a blend of many vineyards, one of them Rorick, if I recall correctly. Nice everyday drinker. It did say on back that “1000 cases made”, which, to be honest, kinda surprised me - that’s a much bigger production than I thought from small outfit like Enfield. Glad John is selling that much of it! 91pts [cheers.gif]

2019 Goodfellow Whistling Ridge Riesling: My jam. Racy acidity and bone dry. Lean, but still very well balanced and pleasurable. I’m assuming it didn’t go through ML, but maybe Marcus cold fill in on that? 91pts.

2019 Bedrock Erster Zwilling Cole Ranch Riesling: Classic Riesling notes, but much fuller than the Goodfellow. This feels like the Riesling equivalent of a Chard that’s been spending time on oak and is a little more opulent. I’m not suggesting it has been on oak, but just saying it has that feel of girth, roundness and even age. It’s an electric Riesling and showed well. 92pts.


I’ve had the 17 and 18 Enfield Citrines in the past few months and they are really wonderful. Just the perfect kiss of California sun but in a fresh, lean, zesty package.

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Thanks for the note Adam. No malo as you suspected, elevage is in 820L Acacia puncheon coopered in 2012.

2.7g RS pH 2.98

Interesting on the Acacia! Would you say it imparted a flavor? And what are the markers for Acacia?

The Acacia puncheon was 7 years old in 2019, so not too much impact, but Acacia typically imparts a yellow/gold floral tone to aromatic whites when the barrels are newer. Less impactful than oak for sure.

Ordered 6 more bottles of the Bedrock Erster a few weeks ago. I remembered it fondly. When I opened one about 2 weeks ago, I thought it was a little sweeter than I remembered it, and today somewhere in between that very first impression and the last one. It’s still very electric - a pleasure. My wife prefers this over my “daily” from Grosset, but for everyday drinking for me personally the style of Polish Hill is just a little more inline with mine. But this is certainly one of the best CA Rieslings made - a very solid 92pts in my book. Wonderful.

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So I opened the 2017 Erster tonight, and while the label says complete dryness, the body feels like a Feinherb. I wonder if the alcohol richness is tricking a perception of sweetness.

Either way it’s an amazing wine.

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