TN fun: what variety is this?

If you were to read the below (professional) tasting note, from what variety would you assume the wine was made?

Rich and full of dense, concentrated dark plum, black currant, olive and dried savory herb flavors, featuring pencil shaving and cast iron notes. The pure-tasting finished is filled with baker’s chocolate accents. Better than previously reviewed. Drink now through 2025. 5,500 cases made.

I’ve never had the wine nor any wine from this producer, so this isn’t a slam. It’s just not what I would think if I was purely thinking about traits for Pinot Noir, which it is. From where? Sonoma Coast, CA. The TN sounds like a tasty Cabernet to me!

I was going to guess Cabernet as well but you gave away the answer!

92 points Wilfred Wong.

I would hope to find exactly 0 of those flavors in my Pinot Noir.

Was this a Lisa note? The cast iron pan is a thing of hers.

Would have guessed Cab Franc

Would’ve guessed a very ripe Syrah - and not a particularly attractive one for such. However, for a Pinot Noir tasting note, that’s an express ticket to Nopesville.

Sounds like an 80’s Ridge Monte Bello to me. CS based wine.

Walt La Brisa Pinot Noir 2017

I would have guessed Syrah/N. Rhône.

Thought this thread was going to be a critique of the note, not the wine. Reminded me of the time in the 90s our group did a blind tasting trying to match the wine to the Wine Spectator tasting notes. No one got more than 1/3 right.

Maybe, WS got 2/3 wrong.

That was our impression at the time. Granted, different bottles and timing, but some of the reveals had us literally laughing out loud.

Syrah or Cabernet. Odd descriptive notes for a Pinot Noir.

If all you attendees had bought more advertising space in WS, the scores would have made perfect sense. [snort.gif]

I think same for me.

Certainly would have never guessed pinot noir!

You should have Googled it. [wow.gif]

Syrah based on the olive note. Cabernet based on the pencil shavings.

Sounds like a monstrosity if it is Pinot.


sounds like a cab/syrah blend


Did you Googling it add to your experience, or just give you a chance to toss out a “correct” answer?

I think the conversation and comparing notes is the good part. [cheers.gif]

I was leaning towards Syrah. Bet it’s got some, and a good deal of stem inclusion.