TN: Frischengruber GrunerVeltliner Wachau '16...(short/bori

A new producer to me that I tried Sat night:

  1. Frischengruber GrunerVeltliner Federspeil Ried Steiger/Wachau (12.5%; SchatziWines/Milan/NY; http://www.Frischengruber.At) Weingartnerei Frischengruber/Ruhrsdorf 2016: color; lots of tiny bubbles swirling about & then agglomerate on side of glass/dissolved CO2; quite fragrant GV/floral/spicy some white pepper slight herbal/grassy lovely aromatic nose; noticibly spritzy bit soft very attractive floral/GV/spicy/white pepper bit shallow slight herbal/grassy flavor; med.short quite spritzy somewhat soft rather GV/floral/white pepper light earthy/herbal finish; a really lovely GV nose that fails to deliver much on the palate and robbed of its character by the dissolved CO2; disappointing GV. $26.00 (AV)

No BP on this one.