TN: Four Whites & A Red....(short/boring)

Shared this passel of wines w/Susan over the weekend:

  1. Carlisle TheDErivative f’(x) SonomaCnty WW (13.9% 47% Semillon/37% Muscadelle/14% Colombard/2% Palamino; 385 cs) 2019: Light gold color; strong Semillon/green olive/figgy some earthy/dusty/OV rather old timey/rustic rather interesting nose; quite tart/tangy some metallic/steely bit lean/angular strong Semillon/green olive/figgy bit dusty/OV very old timey flavor; med.long lean/austere finish mimics the flavor; a rather lean/austere/metallic white that’s not evolved into anything much interesting; a rather lean/old timey white that resembles some of those from Gus Sebastiani; maybe could use more age to soften but a bit disappointing.

  1. LaColombera Derthone Timorasso Dd’OC: Colli Tortonesi (14%; Vent’Anni 2000-2020; Giuliani Imprts/Boulder) Fratelli Semino/LaColombera/Tortona 2020: Light gold color; very fragrant Timo/floral/gardenias almost R-like quite spicy slight cardamon/curry bit chalky/perfumed talc lovely nose; lightly tart rather rich/lush strong Timo/floral/gardenias quite spicy/perfumed talc bit chalky/mineral lovely flaver very long/lingering rich/lush Timo finish that mirrors flavor; a really lovely expression of Timo that seems a bit richer/lusher than previous versions. $26.50 (KK)

  1. Jankara DOCG: Vermentino di Gallura Superiore Sardinia (14%;; Empson IMprts/Alexandria/VA) Jankara/Sant’Antonio di Gallura 2022: Light gold color w/ lots of tiny bubbles; strong floral/Verm/carnations/ripe slight perfumed talc/stony fairly rich very fragrant nose; slightly tart fairly rich/lush rather Verm/floral/carnations slight Italianate/earthy/rustic slight metallic/tangy bit dissolved CO2 flavor; very long tangy/metallic finish that mimics flavor; quite a lovely rather rich expression of Verm. $26.00 (KK)

  1. 9 is Enough Primitivo Rosato (9.0%; www.ValentriaPassalacqua.It; Jenny&Francois Slctns/NY) Apricena NV: Lightly garnet/slight bricking quite cloudy/hazy color; rather earthy/natty/unclkean/bit mousey very slight Zin rather rustic little fruit rather unattractive nose; soft rather tangy/metallic quite natty/earthy/unclean/bit mousey no fruit somewhat sour/bitter unpleasant flavor; pretty much undrinkable and no redeeming features; another Jenny&Francois natural loser. $24.00 (KK)

  1. Ruggero di Bardo IGP: Susumaniello/Puglia RW (14.5%; D’Aquino Italian Imprts/Duarte/CA) Monte Purzio/Roma 2021: Dark color; very strong grapey/plummy/blackberry/ripe/boysenberry rather Zin-like bit earthy/Italianate nose; soft very grapey/plummy/blackberry/boysenberry bit earthy/rustic flavor w/ light ripe tannins; very long very strong very grapey/plummy finish that mimics flavor; resembles a lot a very ripe Primitivo from Puglia; a big/soft juicy red at a great price. $10.00 (TJ)

More gikklespurt from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Colombera: This has always been one of my favorite Timos at a very attractive price, of the level of those from Walter Massa. I was immediately attracted to the label. It was different from any that I had previously seen. On the left-hand side of the label it declared “Venti’Anni 2000-2020”. None of the others of this wine on the shelf had that logo. None of the images on the two WebSites show that logo on the label. What does it mean? I haven’t a clue!!

  1. Jankara: This Sardinian producer was a new one for me. I was fairly impressed with this Verm. It reminded me a lot of the Ryme Hers Verm. Not as strong aromatics and a bit more rustic earthiness, but the same rich/lush character.

  1. 9 Is Enough: This new wine w/ an ugly label showed up at Kokomans, so wanted to try it. I then noticed the Jenny&Francois Slctn on the back label, an importer thta specializes in natural wines, so immediately had second thoughts. But thought I’d give it a shot. One can always hope.
    This is a producer that hopes to explore new frontiers (or new depths) of natural wines by going for low-alcohol. The “9 is Enough” refers to the low level of alcohol in this wine.
    It was way too natty/unclean for my tastes. Once again, the dogma of natural wines triumphs over a good-tasting wine.

  1. Susumaniello: This is a very rare grape found almost exclusivley in Puglia. DNA indicates it is a natural cross between a Puglia table grape & the white Garganega variety.
    This is a wine that resembles a very ripe Primitivo from Puglia. Clearly a grape variety they should be planting all up&down the Coast of Calif, where they could make the World’s greatest Susumaniello.
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