TN: Four Central Europe Vini Macerati...(short/boring)

We tasted last night a bunch of wines from Danch&Granger Imprts, which included these four ViniMacerati:

  1. Batic Zaria v.o. Vipavska Dolina (13.5%; Pinela/Rebula/Zelen co-frmtd; 1 month on skins; D&G) Batic/Slovenia NV: Deep gold quite cloudy color; rather herbal/vegetal fairly phenolic/VM/resiny some earthy/loamy nose w/ little fruit; quite strong VM/phenolic/resiny rather herbal/vegetal some bitter flavor w/ little fruit; long very VM/phenolic/resiny somewhat bitter finish; not a very attractive wine right now but may evolve into something interesting w/ 4-8 yrs of age. $ (VB)

  1. Batic Vipava Malvazija Selekcija v.o. Viparska Dolina (13.5%; 45 days on the skins; D&G) Batic/Slovenia 2018: Deep gold color; quite fragrant Malvasia d’Istriani some mineral/earthy/stony bit steely nose w/ little VM character; rather tart/tangy bit steely/metallic totally dry slight phenolic/VM rather stony/mineral flavor; very long some complex Malvasia/floral/aromatic slight muscatty finish; lots of fragrant Malvasia character & little evidence of the extended skin contact; quite a pretty Malvasia d’I. $ (VB)

  1. Krs Orange Zilavka DOO: Blatina Bosnia/Herzgovina (12.50%; 997 btls; Wild Ferment; D&G) Skegro FamilyWnry/
    Ljubuski/Zapadna/Hercegovina 2018
    : Deep gold/burnished bronze color; very strong resiny/phenolic/VM slightly natty/funky nose w/ no fruit; quite tart/tangy bit metallic very strong phenolic/resiny/VM little fruit rather bitter/tannic pretty austere flavor w/ some tannins; long very austere quite phenolic/resinous/VM slight funky/natty finish w/ almost no fruit; a bit on the funky side & dominated by the VM character; not attractive right now but may evolve w/ some age. $ (VB)

  1. Strekov Kasnyik Tramini-GWT Orange Wine Tramin Cerveny (12.0%; on the lees for 9 mo; 1380 btls produced; U;
    www.KasnyikWine.Sk; D&G) Rodinne Vinarstvo/Slovakia 2020
    : color quite hazy color w/ some tiny bubbles; strong GWT/hair oil/perfumed bit floral/spicy lightly VM/phenolic bit earthy/rustic quite attractive nose; rather tart strong earthy/GWT/hair oil/spicy lightly VM/phenolic rather acidic/citric/grapefruity somewhat bitter/tannic some complex flavor w/ strong bitterness; very long strong GWT/hair oil/spicy slight VM/phenolic bit complex finish w/ strong bitterness; lots of perfumed GWT character but a strong bitterness from te VM; not as austere as the Forlorn-Hopes; badly needs 4-8 yrs to shed the bitterness. $ (VB)

More gurklefirt from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Batic Malvazija: This is made from the Malvasia d’Istriana or Istarko grape. I find it much more interesting than the far more common Malvasia Bianco, which shows a lot of in-your-face Malvasia character, almost muscatty. I was surprised just how little VM character this wine showed, despite the extended skin-contact. Batic produces some very interesting wines there in the Vipava Vlly of Southern Slovenia.