TN: Four Austrian Wines....(short/boring)

Tried these up at Breckenridge over Christmas week:
1`. Nibiru Rot Osterreich (12%; BlauPortugeiser/Zweigely; MagisWineImprts/Denver; U; trocken; “All the best things in life are dangerous, especially on Thrusday”; www.Nibiru.Wine) Julia Nather & JosefSchenter/Thurneustift/Schonberg am Kamp 2019: Very dark/near black color; very strong earthy/loamy some plummy/boysenberry/BlauFrankisch rather rustic bit complex nose; soft very strong earthy/loamy/rustic some BF/plummy/boysenberry rather rustic flavor w/ light rough tannins; long qute earthy/loamy/rustiv strong plummy/BF/boysenberry soft finish w/ light tannins; dominated by the earthy/loamy character w/ lots of rustic/plummy fruit. $31.00 (BWM)

  1. Ingrid Groiss GrunerVeltliner RiedSauberg Tradition Niederosterreich (13.5%; CircoVino/Tuscon; www.Ingrid-Groiss.At) Breitenwaida 2019: Med.light gold color; very strong GV/white pepper/quite spicy light mineral/chalky/stony very perfumed beautiful nose; fairly tart/tangy very slight sweet (0.2%-0.4% r.s.) big/rich/lush intense GV/white pepper/very spicy slight mineral/chalky fairly complex beautiful flavor; very long/lingering lightly tart very rich/lush intense GV/white pepper/very spicy slightly off-dry some complex finish; a very rich/lush Smaargd-level GV that should improve & go out 10 yrs or more; bit pricey at $60.00 (BWM)

  1. Salomon-Undof Alma Riesling Amphora Bergwein/Landwein (13.5%;; trocken; Fruit of the Vine/LongIsland) Dr.Salomon Wein/Stein/Donau 2019: Light gold color; light R/floral/mango some VM/phenolic/resiny fairly interesting/attractive bit earthy nose; fairly tart/tangy some R/floral/mango modest VM/resiny/phenolic/skin-contact some complex flavor; very long/lingering some R/floral/mango modest VM/phenolic complex finish; a lovely interesting R that speaks of R fruit with a VM/phenolic accent; nice balance between R fruit & VM character; quite an interesting wine that should age well.
    $34.00 (BWM)

  1. IngridGroiss GemeschterSatz Braitenpuechtorf (12.5%; CircoVino/Tuscon) Breitenwaide 2020: Light yellow color; lovely very fragrant GV/white pepper/quite floral/carnations light mineral nose; fairly tart/slight metallic very floral/perfumed/carnations/GV/white pepper/fairly spicy bit complex flavor; very long/lingering very floral/white pepper/GV/spicy/carnations light mineral/metallic bit complex finish; a really lovely GS at a very fair price. $29.00 (BWM)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I’m a big fan of the IngridGroiss wines from Austria. First discovered them w/ the '15 vintage when they showed up here in NM. Alas, the '17 vintage was the last we’ve seen of them here in NM. The NM distributor, Fiasco, apparently stopped dealing w/ their importer, CircoVino. So I was excited to find the recent vintages at BoulderWineMerchant. They are just as good as they’ve ever been.

Glad to see Salomon-Undhof still in the USA.