TN: Forlorn-Hope Dragone Ramato PinotGris '16...(short/boriing)

Tried this last night w/ Susan:

  1. Forlorn-Hope Dragone Ramato PinotGris RorickVnyd/CalaverasCnty (Skin-frmtd;187 cs; 11%) 2016: Light garnet color; light floral/PG/bit spicy/rose petal very slight phenolic rather tight/closed nose; quite tart/tangy bit metallic/stony slight resiny fairly rich but austere very slight floral/rose petal/PG slight stony/chalky rather closed/tight flavor w/ slight tannic bite; med.long very light rose petal/floral/PG quite tart/tangy/bit austere light resiny/phenolic finish w/ light tannic bite; a very quiet/closed/tight/shut-down Ramato that I suspect will get a whole lot better w/ 6mo-1 yr; not showing much of anything right now but acid. $30.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Wow…if there ever was an Oakland (“there’s no there/there”:HerbCaen) wine, this was it. It didn’t have that usual phenolic signature that you get from a skin-contact white, just a lightly resiny character. The aromatics were almost non-existent. Yet the wine didn’t have that vapid/watery character you get in some wines. So the jury is very much out on this wine. There was no overt TCA that I could tell, but something sure robbed this wine of any character.
    I had this happen before w/ a wine of Matt’s ('15 Qua Saudade) that was very bizarre when I opened it just after it hit my front porch and, retried several months later, was much more akin to what I expected. So I’ll just wait this one out a bit.

Well…after standing out on the counter for a day, it finally started to develop some
aromatics at a low key. Jury still be out, though.

Drank a bottle last night - mine was plenty aromatic and on par with prior vintages.

Have you tasted the sparkling Pinot yet?

Nope…didn’t order that one, David.
Glad to hear your btl was one up to snuff. I’ll retry in a few months.