TN: Foradori FontanaSanta Nosiola '16....(short/boring)

Had this wine Fri night from the Costigan stash:

  1. Foradori FontanaSanta Nosiola IGT: Vigneti della Dolomiti (12%; Amphorae; U;; SM WineImprts/Oakland) ElisabettaForadori/Mezzolombardo 2016: Med.dark gold color; some resiny/VM/phenolic/skin-contact some floral/apple blossom/appley/spiced apples bit earthy quite fragrant rather complex beautiful nose; ,quite tart/tangy rather rich/lush light VM/resiny/phenolic strong appley/apple blossom/floral bit earthy/pungent/herbal quite complex flavor w/ slight tannins; very long/lingering quite rich/lush light VM/phenolic/resiny some honeyed/honeycomb fairly strong appley/floral/apple blossom/bit carnations quite perfumed quite complex finish w/ very light tannic bite; the VM/phenolic character is fading into the background and the honeyed/floral character is coming out; a beautiful complex white that should go on for another 3-8 yrs. $50.00

More igorsnot from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Nosiola is a variety, probably originating in Trentino, maybe the AltoAdige. DNA indicates it is related to a Suisse/Valais variety called Reze.
    Elisabetta Foradori is, like w/ Teroldego, the master of Nosiola. She ferments it in Tinijas of Jose Padilla, the master of clay amphorae, for some 8 months of skin contact. When young, the VM/phenolic character dominates. But this '16 has matured into a beautiful complex white with the VM character largely subsided and the honeyed/honeycomb character coming to the forefront. Easily the best Nosiola I’ve yet had.
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Have you tried her Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco?

Have had it several times, Ken. Liked it a lot, as well. There’s not a clunker in Elisabetta’s entire lineup.