TN: Els Jelipins 2015 Rosé

Great fascinating stuff, here. Not for everyone, for sure. If you automatically loathe “natural wine,” you’ll likely hate it.

As rosé goes, one of the earthiest I have ever had. Lots of fresh, upturned spring soil notes in aromatics and less notably in the flavors. A bit of brett? Hovers right at my perception threshold, and reminds me of what’s likeable about a Bretty Saison beer. Aromatically, this is like a freshly planted spring garden.

Fuller texture than I was expecting from 12.5% ABV. Creamy in the mouth, with good acid lift. Fleshy strawberry and cherry notes mix with the soil funk.

Wow! Your description makes this both intriguing and an enigma. Thinking it’s not my style, yet now I want to try it.

Pretty much!

I don’t think this is a wine that embodies a rosé style. It just is what it is. I do love the watermelon jolly rancher notes it has, but it also has the weird funk/yeast/soil notes that makes me want to share this with brewers of quirky beers.

this wine reminds me a lot of the valentini rose, but i must say i have never found any brett or yeasty off notes. it is definitely wild, but all the bottles i tasted were clean. watermelon jolly rancher is spot on though. really want to try the white from this producer.