TN: DryCreekVnyds Zin SomersRanch '18...(short/boring)

Had this new release from DCV the other night:

  1. DryCreekVnyd Zin SomersRanch DryCreekVlly/SonomaCnty (14.7%; 2018: Very dark/near black color; very intense very spicy/Zin/ripe/blackberry/raspberry/bit licorice some pencilly/Am.oak quite dusty/OV very bright/vibrant/scintillating some complex beautiful nose; fairly tart/tangy bright/vibrant very spicy/blackberry/raspberry/ripe/boysenberry/Zin slight peppery rather dusty/OV some cedary/pencilly/Am.oak quite rich/structured fairly complex beautiful flavor w/ modest brisk tannins; very long/lingering bright/very spicy/blackberry/raspberry/DCVlly Zin/boysenberry rather dusty/OV some cedary/pencilly/Am.oak complex finish w/ brisk tannins; needs 2-6 yrs yet; a pretty classic expression of OV DryCreekVlly Zin at a very fair price. $44.00/$30.80 (VSP)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. DryCreekVnyds has realy been nailing it the last few yrs on their Zins. The HeritageVine Zin is one of the best Zin values around. My favorites have always been the SomersRanch and BeesonRanch Zins. Haven’t tried the new '18 BeesonRanch yet, though.
    I have, of course, followed DryCreekVnyd from the very start when DaveStare released his '72 Gamay. I knew at the time this was a wnry that was going to be very near & dear to my heart. They have gone thru a number of very good winemakers over the yrs and TimBell, the current winemaker, is among the very best they’ve had.
    A wnry, because of their ubitquous CheninBlanc, doesn’t get the recognition they deserve.

“No respect” a la Rodney Dangerfield. It doesn’t help when your wines are stacked up in Trader Joe’s. I buy the sb at TJ’s during the summer.