TN: Domaine de la Cote and Burgundy blind tasting dinner

Interesting selection at the after party; all the events I’ve went to at norretuh there’s been just legions of red burg; not so much this time.

Well that’s because you weren’t there to bring 6 GC Burgs.

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Well there’s always next time. You missed the one with the Rousseau blind.

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what do you mean by “Natty feel”?

There are really young burgs, no? Quoting from article based on interview with Cyprien Arlaud:

  Cyprien Arlaud’s techniques might be described as “modern-classic”: vibrating sorting table, 100 % destalking, cool pre-maceration, pumping over and a varying proportion of new wood: from 20% for village wines to between 40% (Clos de la Roche) and 100% (Clos Saint Denis) for the grand crus.

So these wines would be 20% new oak (don’t know the toast). Suspect that this oak would integrate in due course and have not found other Arlaud’s to be particularly oaky. However, in my view they are not particularly “light on their feet”, transparent and elegant as many pretty burgs are, like the unaffordable Liger-Belair or older Pousse d’Or, citing really good examples. Contrasting, perhaps more like Meo-Camuzet in style (though not at that level).

Others more knowledgeable may have more inciteful comments.

This topic seems worthy of its own thread. Would have to think about this for awhile to make a useful contribution, but believe that Calera should be on the list for sure.

Don’t think Calera has anything in SBC, do they?

For some reason, I did not like any of the '15 DDLCs whatsoever. All of them have this jolly rancher flavor to them that really put me off. Wasn’t present in '14 or '16s. I wondered if they were bad bottles since noone else seems to mention this, but I got them directly from the winery.

Hmm maybe you had a bad bottle. All the DDLC we had for the dinner came directly from the winery too.

All six of the 2015s I bought from the winery tasted this way, bummer.