TN: Darth Pinot

  • 2004 Bergström Pinot Noir Bergstrom Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Dundee Hills (4/30/2011)
    Deep, dark fruit core, eucalyptus, black licorice, and herby-sweet tarragon on the nose. Silky, slippery, nicely resolved Pinot texture. Not one for the ages; drink soon-ish. The bottle has a punt large enough to hold a change of clothes-- a nice perk for wild and crazy party animals like us.

Melissa’s back, Melissa’s back, the new phonebooks are here, the new phonebooks are here!!!

She lives! [dance-clap.gif]

I still think she’s really Bob Wood.

If I were, would I have bought Bergstrom in the first place? [cheers.gif]

She’s alive, she’s alive!!! Welcome back friend of my friends!

She’s alive, she’s alive!!! Welcome back friend of my friends!

The Scarf Returns! [wow.gif]

I’m somebody now!!!

Thanks Todd, someone knows a jerk when they see one.

OMG Melissa! Welcome back. grouphug

I’ve met Bob Wood and Melissa McCall, and believe me there is no confusing the two. Thank god. No offense Bob. pileon

I had a 2002 of their base regional blend (Cumberland Reserve) last year and it had aged very nicely and was in a great place. I’m not saying 8 years from vintage date is long aging, but it had shown very nice evolution for a relatively modern-styled $30 base pinot at 8 years of age.

Their bottle and punt size is ridiculous, though. I’d buy more of their wines if the bottles fit into my standard racking.

Good to see you posting again, Melissa! [cheers.gif]

Here’s the live photo from Times Square where Berserkers had gathered to Celebrate Melissa’s return.

Oh Leo… I sure have missed you! [rofl.gif]

The bottle is so heavy that I was kind of shocked when the wine ran out. It still felt full!


Now, if we can only get you back on facebook!

All your time are belong to us! (someone should get that.)