TN: Dalle Valle 1993 and Turley Ubberoth Zin 2006 plus

Before the Josh Ritter show at Cats Cradle we had some friends over for wine and dinner on the deck in lovely cool NC weather. (As an aside, why do people alternately talk through and then sing along with songs? Why do they buy a ticket and not listen? Is it solely to annoy me?)

Chrismont King Valley Victoria Australia Riesling 2005. We started with a lovely Aussie Riesling. I’m being a big fan of the crisp Australian Rieslings available on our shores, often for a song. I’ll admit to going through a case of Jacob’s Creek of a particular vintage a couple of years ago that was $5.50 per. This is a couple of steps up. Killer lemon and orange, very tart, bright, cleansing, stony. Perfect on the deck in the early evening. I just wish I’d waited a couple of years to drink this last bottle.

Dalle Valle Napa Valley Oakville Cabernet 1993. Bought on Winebid, bottle looked perfect. Opened for a hour or so and then just poured. What a delight! Nice ripe fruit but toned down with the years. The Herbes de Provence spice components jump out at you. Medium to full bodied. Great aftertaste of tar and mint. Some said chocolate but I didn’t get any. Beautiful earthiness – mushrooms and leather. Top notch and will be fine for 5 years at least. The last drop was delicious the next day. 13.5 percent alcohol.

Turley Paso Robles Ueberroth Zin 2006. Big, bold, black fruit, ripe blackberries. The heat shows through (16 percent) but it doesn’t ruin the wine. Not raisined at all. Tons of eucalyptus, very bright flavors. The nose shows the heat though it was a bit better on day 2. Reasonably polished wine that I enjoyed but I was glad I hadn’t paid the tariff.

The Dalle Valle was the easy WOTN.

And a little shout out to a Villa Appalachia Virginia Pinot Grigio 2006. While this was better a year ago, I’ll still take it over a bunch of $10-15 Italian and California versions. A bit of richness, very clean, quite fun.

Sorry but I gotta bump this. The Dalle Valle rocked and people ought to, as Cartman says, “Respect the authority!” of Dalle Valle. These guys deliver.

I loved that 93 Dalla Valle. I sadly went through my six pack too long ago. I sill have 94 through 99 to look forward to. Thanks Chris.

had a 99 Dalla Valle Maya that was beastly!

Yet to try a single bottle of Dalle Valle…no thanks to you hogs at FFII. [berserker.gif]

Phil as I have promised, if I can make Tex fest 3 you will.