TN: Coppi Fausto Timorasso '13....(short/boring)

Tried this one last night:

  1. Vigne Marina Coppi Fausto Timorasso DOC: Colli Tortonesi (14%; The SortingTable/Napa) Francesco Bellocchio/Castellania 2013: color; quite fragrant Timo/spicy/floral/carnations bit musky/pungent light chalky/perfumed talc very slight nutty/oxidative fairly complex rather youthful nose; rather tart/tangy fairly rich strong Timo/spicy/cardamon/floral/carnations some mineral/perfumed talc/chalky fairly complex slight nutty beautiful flavor; very long/lingering fairly tart rather rich strong floral/carnations/Timo very spicy/cardamon/aromatic some mineral/chalky/perfumed talc some complex finish; almost like a quiet Viognier in aromatics but more acidity; a really lovely Timo showing some maturity that should go another 4-8 yrs. $51.50 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. KeithEdward’s blog on Fausto:
    Mis en Abyme/Fausto
    This was one of the best Timo that shows some maturity that I can recall having.

For those who may not know, Marina Coppi is, per the winery website, Fausto Coppi’s granddaughter, hence the naming of one of her bottlings as “Fausto.”

Fausto Coppi, known as Il Campionissimo (the Champion of Champions), is arguably the greatest Italian cyclist of all time, having won the Tour de France twice and the Giro d’Italia five times, on top of numerous wins in one-day races including winning three of cycling’s five “monuments,” one of which he won three times and another five times (not coincidentally, those are the two that are held in Italy). He was also the Italian national road race champion four times and held the world hour record at one point. His career was interrupted by WWII, in which he was captured by the British while serving in Tunisia with the Italian army.

Every year, the Giro d’Italia awards a special cash prize in his honor, named the Cima Coppi, to the competitor who is first to the top of the race’s highest peak.

He died of malaria at age 40 (his second case, the first having come during the war) after contracting it on a trip to Burkina Faso organized by that country’s President, which included a race with some other European pros racing against some local teams, followed by a hunting trip during which the fatal infection was contracted.

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Thanks, David. I knew there was a biking connection, but none of those details.

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I had this tonight off a restaurant list in London. I think it was the 2015 but I’m not certain. It was wonderful. Highly recommended.