TN: Chevalier Chard Val de Loire '11..(short/boring)

Tried this afternoon as I was starting my dark turkey stock:

  1. EricChevalier Chard IGP: Val de Loire (MeBalP; 11.5%; KermitLynch) St.Philbert de Grand-lieu 2011: Light yellow color; quite attractive mineral/chalky pretty apple/pear/Chard clean nose; quite tart/lean/delicate mineral/chalky/metallic clean/crisp apple/pear/Chard light zippy flavor; med. clean/crisp/zippy mostly mineral/chalk/flinty bit metallic light apple/pear/Chard finish; some like a non-Cru Chablis but lighter & more elegant; quite a pretty/nice-drinking Chard if you want something different than your usual Rombauer. $15.00 (AV)


  1. Never had a wine from this area before. Right on big lake about 12 miles from the Atlantic and just on the SW outskirts of Nantes.