TN: Ch. Musar 1997

Christmas arrived a little early with a mature Musar and a new addition to my Casio collection. :smiley:

Musar 1997 is lovely. It must be about a decade since I’ve last tried this vintage. I do remember pretty large bottle variation even for Musar and this is one of the tamer ones. It has all the Musar goodies of proper funk and VA lift but neither in the extreme amounts that some bottles of this have had. Rich and sweet fruit, very warm year in style but with magnificent acidity and just the right touch of VA to keep it light and moreish. Lovely wine. I wish I could afford mature(ish) Musar more often.

Thanks for the note. I just had this earlier in the month and my notes were very similar.

December 6, 2020 - Not an in your face Musar, dare I say more elegant? Nay. Dried red fruits, leather and some herbs. Has bright acidity but lean elsewhere on the palate. I don’t think this will be the longest lived Musar either. Ild say no sense in holding these any longer.

Had an 06 this week, showed well but plenty left in the tank. I’ll re visit in 5 years.