TN: celebratory dinner and Burgs

coming out of the COVID fog and quarantine, finally able to dine with vaccinated friends, I tried to turn it up last night for Jerry and Cindy as well as new friends Bud and Sharon.

Jerry brought his killer salmon rillettes; I added a cheese plate with Brillat-Savarin, Pont Leveque, and a gruyère, prosciutto and olives also. This was enjoyed with 88 Krug, an ageless wine that was thick and creamy with acidity and yellow fruits, just delicious. It says a lot about the evening that a couple ounces were left for me for the next day!

Next course was bouillabaisse with sea bass, halibut, scallop, cockles, mussels, wild shrimp and Julia Child’s rouille floated on toasted baguette paired with 2004 Ramonet Bienvenue and Chevalier. The latter stole the show, finesse and depth and class evident, super wine. I’ll leave it to Jerry to describe them in detail.

Next was a champagne vinaigrette citrus salad with pomegranate and walnuts from Keller’s Ad Hoc, still with the 2 whites.

Main course was heirloom chicken rolls stuffed with prosciutto and a Parmesan artichoke mix, roasted in butter and olive oil with a roasted red pepper sauce on top, heirloom carrots with honey, tarragon, and parsley, and rustic potato with capers, crème fraîche, and lemon. Up for imbibing was an amazing 1964 Drouhin Musigny that was ageless. Soaring nose of red fruits and herb, cherry, strawberry, and red fruit on palate with old vine sweet fruit, no dirt or mushroom, acids still vibrant, super wine. We had a couple lightweight drinkers in the crowd, so 72 Vogue Musigny and a ringer 64 Beaune Avaux didn’t get opened this evening.

Dessert was a duo, chocolate pot de crème and vanilla crème brûlée, a half bottle of 2001 d’Yquem. I’m not a big Sauternes lover, but Jerry said it was a great bottle. Give me a Donnhoff Eiswein.

Great night reuniting with great friends, celebrating coming out of the COVID fog and celebrating life. It’s been too long.


Hell of a way to get back in! Congrats! Funny…not the exact wines, but I have fond memories of a gorgeous red berried gem 64 Drouhin Amoureuses in a pristine mag, as well as a 72 Vogue BM… a delicate little beauty only hanging on by a thread.
You guys/gals seem like amazing chefs as well!


I also have happily had old Drouhin Amoureuses—64 also—and that’s why I took a chance on the Moose.

What, no Rascasse?


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Excellent celebration Alan.
We’re 2 weeks away. [cheers.gif]

Nicely done Alan. Great to let a Moose out on the loose.


That’s a worth a pause in the diet. Very impressive menu and a beautiful lineup of wines. Bravo.

Very impressive on all fronts. Sounds like you broke the quarantine in style. I did a double take when it became clear the bouillabaisse was not the main course! It all sounds quite delicious and festive.

you sound like Jerry.

It was a wonderful night at Alan’s new house. The wines all showed so well, the food was delicious and the conversation was a breath of fresh air. It was the perfect way to escape the yearlong Covid shutdown for all of us. Thanks so much and it’s my turn next.

Oh, my god. This sounds… otherworldly. How wonderful! So good you can even yada, yada the '01 Yquem :slight_smile:. And the '88 Krug was on point, rather than some of the flat showings many of us have endured.

What a beautiful evening, Alan. Thanks for sharing. I am in awe. Especially of a mature, come-hither Musigny

Wow, don’t know if I should be more impressed with the wine or the food! That must have been a joyous evening!