TN: Cedarville Viognier Estate '15.....(short/boring)

My Cedarvilles arrived ystrday, so I Pobega’d:

  1. CedarvilleVnyds Viognier Estate/ElDorado (EB; 14.3%; 140 cs; Fairplay 2015: Light gold color; lovely pear/ripe peach/Viog/spicy light mineral/stony fairly rich/lush quite aromatic Viog nose; fairly tart rich/lush/balanced very strong pear/peach/Viog/floral light stony/granitic/mineral/earthy lovely flavor; very long/lingering pear/peach/ripe/Viog/floral/gardenias some stony/mineral/granitic balanced/racy/svelte fairly rich/lush finish; an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous expression of Viog and way far away from straying into DP territory; like when I was a kid (not so long ago I should mention) and would go out and pick a ripe peach from our tree and have the juice dribble down my chin and onto my bare chest it was so juicy; a steal at $21.00.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. In the past, I’ve sometimes found the Cedarville Viog a little bit too fat & porky for my taste. But Susan & Jonathan nailed this one right on. A great balance of ripe fruit and stony minerality to add interest. Maybe their best Viog yet.
    Hate wines like this…that are so good that one glass demands another. The btl was half gone before I even started cooking dinner. Hate it when that happens.

Tom this is a delicious wine that I believe we have by the glass (might have been the 2014) a few weeks ago at Allez during our visit to the Sierra Foothills. Wonderful wine and probably the best viognier that we had on the trip. Unfortunately we werent able to connect up with the folks at Cedarville for a visit when we were out there!

These are the kind of folks I hope people support. Hard working people who gave up other jobs to pursue their passion. Nice folks!

Putting them on my radar. Just what I need…

What’s the style of their reds?

Kyle…their reds are in a more restrained style…maybe along the lines of
EdStJ or SierraVista. Not profound but age nicely over the mid-term.

Good to hear your report on this, Tom. I should be making a visit to Jonathan & Susan’s place next weekend.