TN: Carillon BBM 04, Leflaive Chevalier 99, Vogue Amoreuses 96

Birthday wines! Over the course of two dinners.

Carillon Bienvenue Batard Montrachet 2004
Nice and young looking and then the nose reinforces that. At this stage, more batard than bienvenue with generous nutty notes supported by ripe fruit flesh. Still quite primary. Lovely balance and liveliness. Just want more and more and more. For me, needs another few years. 94+

Vogues Chambolle Musigny 1er cru “Les Amoreuses” 1996
A really good follow up, this seems to be just starting maturity. Feels very energetic, none of the fruit heaviness I’ve got from other vogues around that time. Good secondary nuances, very clean, bright finish. 93+

Domaine Leflaive Chevalier Montrachet 1999
Mature (or advanced?) in this bottle - a good deal more mature seeming than a 2000 last year. This is all about generosity and prettiness - honeyed fruit, petals, treacle-coated pebbles… Decent length, but lacks the minerality and intensity of better examples. 92

Happy birthday Rauno! champagne.gif

Some lovely wines there.
Funnily enough had a 2000 Vogue Bonnes Mares last night, but unfortunately lacked any wow factor, perhaps a closed phase. Glad the Amoreuses was on song.


You guys who get a chance to taste that wine - I hope you appreciate it.

Not much more than 12 or 24 bottles of the stuff make it to the USA through the authorized distribution channel.

[That’s BOTTLES, not CASES.]

Which I guess is supplemented by whatever the Gray Market can muster.

@Nathan - oh I do appreciate it. It somewhat makes up for all the other stuff I can’t get here at all :slight_smile: