TN: Calera Pinot Noir Central Coast 2006

Color: medium ruby, clean and clear to the rim.

Nose: Lots of spicebox and red fruits leaning more towards cassis and not strawberry. Oddly enough the wine seems to have picked up (must be my olfactory not the wine) scents of cumin that were part of dinner. The alcohol is pronounced but not out of place or painful.

Palate: Awesome!!! Red cassis fruit, lots of spicebox, the fruit is pretty rich and the acidity backs it up 100% so the flavors are lively and racey. Alcohol is better integrated on the palate than it is on the nose, and the tannins are fine, velvety, and barely perceptable.

Overall perception: Love this wine. It is a good expression of Central Coast Pinot with good spice and fruit…
Not real expensive, really delivers power in the flavor and is really up front in that category. Paired it with baked salmon tonight and it really showed well.

Thanks Mark. Keep those daily drinker TNs coming!

I had a few glasses of this at a wedding a few months ago. I didn’t quite like it as much as you but it also wasn’t the right setting to fully appreciate the wine, either. I’m not sure if it was the 06 vintage but I believe it was.