TN: BlackMesa Woodnymph Riesling NM NV...(short/boring)

Shared this wine ystrday w/ John. He, too, was impressed by it:

  1. BlackMesaWnry Woodnymph Riesling RioAribaCnty/NM (12%; Jerry&Lynda Burd/Velarde/NM NV('14): Med.light gold color; very perfumed/aromatic beautiful R/floral/pineapple/apple/spicy light Mosel valve oil/gout de petrol high-toned/ripe classic R nose w/ a bit of complexity; lightly tart slight metallic/tangy very strong R/floral/apple blossom/pineapple/spicy high-toned very light chalky slight valve oil bit complex very slightly off-dry (.6%-.8% r.s.?) lovely flavor; very long/lingering very strong R/pineapple/floral/apple blossom ripe/rich light valve oil bit tangy/metallic slight chalky quite high-toned slightly off-dry lovely finish; pretty much a dead-ringer for a good Smaargd Wachau R; loads of high-toned R character & not as coarse/earthy as most NM R are; a steal at $17.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. About a month ago, Susan & I stopped into BlackMesa to try a few of their latest wines. I usually dismiss NM Rieslings because the are often rather earthy/coarse and don’t show much of that high-toned character that can make R so good. They often resemble Sudtirol R more than anything…and not good ones at that.
    When I tasted it a BlackMesa, I picked up a bit of that gout de petrol that I’ve never found in any NM R. So I bought a btl to try again later. This was that btl. John is a big R fan, so I thought it worth sharing with him.
    I was even more impressed when I had it this time around. It immediately struck me as resembling a good Wachau Smaargd R. In fact, I would go so far to say this is probably the best NM white wine I’ve ever had.
    Several yrs ago, the Burds hired KarlJohnsen and CraigDunn as their full-time winemakers, freeing them up to be the full-time curators of the wnry cats. Carl & Craig have really notched up the quality of the BM wines till BM (and Vivac) are probably the best wines being made in NM.
    The Burds have been very good about getting land-owners in RioAriba Cnty to plant grapes for them. Not sure if these R grapes came from StanBader’s Abiqui vnyd or not.