TN: Biokult Naken Skin-Frmtd White Burgenland '19...(short/boring)

Tried this orange wine last night:

  1. Biokult Naken Skin-Fermented Wine Burgenland (90% PinotGris/10% Musketeller; Organic/Demeter; dry; 10.5%;; NaturalMerchants/GrantsPass/OR) Pamhagan/Austria 2019: bronze color w/ lots of fizzy bubbles; quite cidery rather ViniMacerati/phenolic/skin-contact slight PG/floral/earthy bit natty rather strange nose w/ a paucity of fruit; fairly fizzy/prickly quite cidery some VM/phenolic/resiny very light PG/floral/appley/earthy slight natty/funky strange flavor w/ slight tannic/bitter bite; long fairly cidery some VM/phenolic/resiny very slight PG/appley/floral slight natty finish; a rather strange VM dominated by the cidery character w/ light skin-contact character & little fruit; not a bad natural wine but rather on the strange side and not particularly attractive; of intellectual interest only. $16.50 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This appears to be a coop of 4 families farming biodynamically, using natural winemaking techniques. I’ve had far worse natural wines, but this was just on the eccentric side.