TN Bel Air Marquis d’Aligre ‘71

I managed to pick up a few old vintages BAMA at relatively gentle prices recently and I continue to really enjoy this domaine. I’ve found so far that it performs well in less famous vintages of which this ‘71 was a great example.

After taking off the foil the top of the cork didn’t look too promising: soaked through and covered in what seemed mold. The cork was a b.tch to take out as well but then a wonderful smell emerged: sweet black fruit, some graphite, tobacco, cedar.

The wine became progressively smoother in the glass and was just irresistible. I’d probably rate this among the best wines I’ve had all year and am very happy I got one more bottle.


Awesome, this is a cool note on a favorite Chateau of mine. Would love to see a pic of the wine in glass if you have one. Thanks for sharing.

There you go!

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Sounds (and looks) great, Arjan - lucky you! Which other vintages did you find?

1975 in Magnum in a great condition for €60 was a very lucky find. For the rest I’ve got quite a few ‘95 and younger.
I hope this domaine stays under the radar for a long time!

A magnum of 75 for 60€ is indeed a lucky find! I don’t think there’s any risk of over-exposure - apart from a bunch of nerds on WB, nobody else could care less!