TN:Baby Jesus Mini Vertical and a couple of others

I attended a Bouchard Tasting last night 8 wines in total with the flight of 5 vintages of Vigne L Enfant Jesus served with dinner.

Clos Saint-Landry 2015:
would have pegged this for new world Chard if it wasnt for the slight lemon twist on the finish and sophisticated oak (10% new), not great QPR in this vintage, tasted a bit raw and unformed and in need of a lie down, but the wine doesnt have the acidity to go past 10 years max and probably at its best in 5-7 . IMHO.

Mersault Genvrieres 2015:
superior Terrior on show with this wine, showing hints of pineapple and tropical fruits, oak and tannins intertwined with sufficient acidity to prevent it from feeling blowsy and overblown, never going to be a classic but sure will be interesting to watch it age.

Volnay Caillerets 2015:
Slightly subdued, vigorous swirling bought out some ripe spice in the nose, fully ripe and structured for a long life, plenty of oak evident and the fruit was sitting under the surface, but this will be an extremely good wine in the future when the fruit gains some complexity and the oak integrates.

Dinner Flight

L Enfant Jesus 2015:
colour was shot to the rim, full length with ripe fruit and tannic bite, a long haul wine that is going to require a long rest, wild brambly forceful fruit, old fashioned but well constructed.

L Enfant Jesus 2012;
Shut down on the front palate and showing its structure tonight, smokey ripe fruit peaked through on occasion, but not showing too much tonight. ripe and well constructed wine.

L Enfant Jesus 2010;
perfect balance and showing the beauty of this great vintage, lovely wine and my favourite of the flight, ripe fruit with a slight tart kicker, full and complete palate length with a satisfying acidity that brings you back for more.

L Enfant Jesus 2005;
oak has now integrated, but this wine is still hiding under its structure, with more air it showed the density and power of the vintage, a long way from ready but will be pretty good when it finally arrives.

L Enfant Jesus 1999 (Magnum):
still quite closed and not showing a lot, darkest colour of the flight and showing the most extraction of all the wines, ripe brambly fruit with a hint of coffee on the nose, for me a hint of under ripe tannins on the finish, I wonder if the grapes were picked on Baume as opposed to phenolic ripeness, The winemaking from the newer vintages and new winery is far superior.