TN: ArbeGarbe WW '19....(short/boring)

Tried this last night at Pig+Fig w/ Dustin:

  1. ArbeGarbe WW RRV (14.1%; StHelena 2019: Light gold color; light earthy/dusty fairly floral/carnations/dandelions slight spicy/nutmeg very attractive nose; rather tart/tangy quite dry but not austere bit spare/lean light earthy some floral/carnations/dandelions bit quiet/restrained very pretty Friuliano-like flavor; very long tart/tangy lightly floral/Friuliano-like/carnations bit earthy finish; a rather quiet/restrained very Friuliano-like white; badly needs a yr or two & should put on weight. $28.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This is the wnry of Letizia & Enrico, which both hail from Friuli, that specializes in Friulian-style wines. This is a blend of MalvasiaBianco & Friuliano made w/ 12 hrs of skin contact + whole-cluster crush Chard.
    Previous editions of this wine have had a much stronger Malvasia character which gave the wine more of a Calif character. In this '19, the Malvasia is not nearly as dominant and gives the wine a much more Friuli Friuliano-like character. I suspect it will put on weight over the next yr and become much more aromatic. Quite a lovely Friuliano-like white at a very good price.

Nice note (as usual for you, Tom). I love the wines under this label and the way they work with the complex multi-cultural mash-up of foods and influences that are washing over our kitchens and restaurants and tables. Love supporting this enterprise.