TN: Angelot Gamay Bugey '17...(short/boring)

Shared this Gamay w/ Susan’s family NewYrsEve:

  1. Maison Angelot Gamay Ad’OC: Bugey (12.5%; CharlesNealSlctns; L17 602; CarbonicMaceration) Marignieu 2017: Med.dark color; rather earthy/loamy some Gamay/strawberry bit Alpine/floral some complex nose; fairly tart/tangy quite earthy/loamy/rustic Savoie/Gamay/bit strawberry complex flavor w/ light brisk tannins; fairly long quite earthy/loamy some Gamay/strawberry rather rustic/Savoie red finish w/ light tannins; not much high-toned Gamay character but a strong earthy/loamy/rustic character; interesting if a bit coarse red. $17.00 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. We were having Susan’s green chile stew for Cam & family and beer is the usual choice. But this rather rustic/earthy red went perfectly fine with it.