TN: AngeloNegro Birbet NV...(short/boring)

Tried this back in KansasCity last week:

  1. Angelo Negro Brachetto Birbet Sweet RW Parzialmente Fermentato Mosto d’Uva (5%; PiedmonteGuy/Shafer/MN) Giovanni Negro/MonteauRoero/Piemonte NV (2018): Light rose/cranberry/bit orangey/browning rather frizzante color; strong floral/Brachetto/strawberry/cherry blossom/Nehi strawberry soda pop slight earthy quite fragrant nose; rather sweet fairly frizzante strong strawberry/Brachetto/Nehi strawberry soda pop/floral vright/zippy flavor w/ little tannins; very long rather frizzante fairly sweet strong Brachetto/strawberry/Nehi strawberry soda pop finish w/ light tannins; showing a bit of age and not as fresh as I would like but a pretty nice Birbet. $13.00/hlf (G/MT)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I generally like Brachetto & Birbet wines because of their perfumed character. But they are not a hot-selling wine & they can often sit around on the shelf too long & lose their freshness. This one was just such a Birbet. This was a new producer for me to try.

Tom, Negro makes really nice wines in general, and when fresh this is a nice Birbet. Birbet is about the best breakfast wine there is, BTW.