TN: An Older WindGap Ramato & Red...(short/boring)

Tried these two older WindGaps last night:

  1. WindGap PinotGris WindsorOaksVnyd/ChalkHill AVA (12.8%; #273; 123 cs) PaxMahle/Forestville 2009: Deep burnished bronze/dark rose color; some phenolic/resiny/ViniMacerati/skin-contact some floral/PG/spicy/rose petal slight oxidative/nutty quite fragrant rather attractive Ramato nose; fairly tart/tangy some resiny/VM/phenolic light floral/PG/rose petal slight metallic/tangy/bitter some complex flavor w/ light tannic bite; very long some phenolic/VM/resiny light floral/PG/rose petal/spicy some earthy/savory some complex bit bitter finish w/ light tannic bite; a rather interesting savory Ramata but still dominated by the phenolic/VM character; doubt this will get any better.

  1. WindGap Orra NorthCoast RW (69% Grenache/21% Mourvedre/10% Counoise; 298 cs; 14.0%; #1115) 2009: Med.dark color w/ some bricking; slight Grenache/strawberry/earthy/dusty bit old CdP-like/plummy light pencilly/toasty/Fr.oak slight fumey/volatile bit complex nose; lightly tart some strawberry/Grenache/plummy bit earthy/dusty slightly drying out bit old CdP-like/complex interesting flavor w/ light drying tannins; med.long slightly tired/dried-out pleasantstrawberry/Grenache/earthy/dusty light pencilly/oak finish w/ light tired tannins; a pleasant enough mature Red Rhone blend but rather on the tired side & not much fruit left.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Ramato: I thought this was a pretty decent fully mature Ramato but not nearly as prefumed/fragrant as the ForlornHope from the night before.