TN: an 09 Cornas from "the French Capital".

2009 Cornas “Granit 30”; Domaine Vincent Paris
crisp, smoky, fried bacon, plum, minerals, saline and schist, very nice subtle persistence. A touch of wood, round and poised, the tannins are present but not overbearing. A bit of meat, herbs and funk. Graphite, dark cherry, blueberry, saddle leather. A touch sweet, but with a angostura bitter type menthol note. To begin with it was a bit hollow but has filled nicely in the glass and with food. Subtle, poised and persistent. Some red cherry, soft and lovely but it will definitely improve with age. Perhaps not as zippy and vital as the 05, 06 and 07, lacking crunchiness but it is still really lovely. Given the warmth and ripeness of the vintage there is a lot of depth and freshness here, actually quite deep, with lots of length, in fact it is very long. Perhaps the lack of vitality is due to the vine age? Very Impressive! 66-70+?/100

Jono Beagle’s hundred point scoring system.
0-29/100 not worth bothering with
30-49/100 good wine but I wouldn’t buy a case
50-59/100 very good showing grape and terroir character
60-69/100 excellent example of a wine from this country/region/grape
70-85/100 one of the very best wines that the region has to offer.
86-100/100 one of the very best wines you are ever likely to drink