TN: Allendorf WinklerHassensprung Riesling BA '76...(short/boring)

We tried this last night at Arable w/ Susan’s family:

  1. FritzAllendorf Winkler Hassensprung Riesling (QmP; Beerenauslese; A.P.Nr. 27 001 030 77) Winkel/Rheingau 1976: Very dark brown almost PX/dark red color; intense botrytis/apricotty slight valve oil slight raisened/pruney light earthy very complex nose; fairly sweet lightly tart very intense botrytis/apricotty bit raisened/very ripe some caramel/honeyed quite complex flavor; very long/lingering somewhat sweet lightly tart intense botrytis/apricotty/bit caramel/creme brulee slight earthy bit Mosel valve oil/petrol very complex finish that goes on and on; great acidity and not overly sweet/cloying; a beautiful example of a German Rheingau BA.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Susun’s family was in town and took us out to dinner last night, so I wanted to take something special. This has been in my cellar since I bought it in '78. The btl above it had leaked considerably and the BA btl was covered in sticky gunk and the label almost unreadable, even w/ a wipe w/ a wet sponge.
    This may be the best old German BA/TBA I’ve had. Blows away any Calif Riesling BA/TBA I’ve had. The wine showed plenty of botrytis but there were so many other things going on in it that words fail to capture the complexity it shows. An absolutely stunning wine that matched well w/ the Butterscotch Budino dessert.
    Arable is a fairly new restaurant about 10 miles South of SantaFe in ElDorado. Dave & Renee used to run LoyalHound in SantaFe until the sold it about 4 mo. ago to focus on Arable. Sort of American Bistro/comfort food. Much local ingredients and very well prepared. Amazing restaurant.