TN: A White & Two Reds @ DinDin....(short/boring)

Susan & I tried these two over the weekend at Dinner:

  1. Ch.PetitRoubie Ad’OP: Picpoul de Pinet (12.5%; Culture Biologique; Organic Grapes) Dom. de Petit Roubie/Pinet 2019: Med. gold coor; rather stony/mineral some floral/carnations slight skin-contact/phenolic fairly fragrant nose; quite tart fairly rich stony/mineral/metallic light floral/carnations crisp stony flavor; very long rather stony/mineral/tangy/tart light floral/carnations finish; a pretty classic Picpoul/Pinet but richer than most. $14.00 (KK)

  1. Weingut Ebner Tenuta Blauburgunder/PinotNoir Dd’OC: Sudtirol/AltoAdige (13.5%; www.WeingutEbner.It;
    ZemanGlobalSlctns/LaJolla) Florian Unterthiner Ritten/Renon 2016
    : Med.dark color; strong PN/black cherry rather earthy/loamy/dusty slight smokey fairly fragrant nose; lightly tart somewhat rich/lush strong black cherry/PN fairly earthy/loamy/mineral/dusty bit complex flavor w/ modest tangy tannins; rather long strong earthy/loamy/dusty strong PN/black cherry finish w/ light tannins; a fairly classic Sudtirol Blauburgunder but a bit richer than most. $34.00 (BWC)

  1. Ch.Feuillet Torrette Dd’OP: Valle d’Aosta (lotto 07/19; 90% PetitRouge/10% Mayolet; 13.5%; KermitLynchImprts) Maurizio Fiorano/St.Pierre 2018: Med.dark color; quite fragrant floral/lilacs/black cherry/black cherry cola/RCCola bit Alpine floral light earthy/dusty some complex nose; fairly tart/tangy bit tannic/sharp/bitey strong black cherry cola/RCCola/blackberry/spicy some Alpine/floral/lilacs rather earthy/loamy/bit mushroomy flavor w/ some grippy/hard tannins; very long strong black cherry cola/RCCola light Alpine/lilacs/floral fairly earthy/loamy finish w/ some hard tannins; pretty classic example of an Alpine red but a bit more structured than most.
    $27.00 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Picpoul: This was one of the better Picpoul de Pinets I’ve had. Much richer than most as they tend to be a bit lean/austere. The color & the nose suggested there may have been a bit of skin-contact in its production. Of course, the greatest Picpoul is made at TablasCreek. Much richer & aromatic than any from Pinet.

  1. Torrette: Procuced far up in the Val d’Aosta hard against the French/Savoie border. It must be made from at least 70% PetitRouge, which can sometimes be a bit on the clunky side; plus the remaining balance other indigeneous red varieties. This has Mayolet blended in, which is a lovely very perfumed/aromatic red that I really like.