TN: A Spanish White/Umbria Red/Jurancon Dessert...(short/boring)

Had these three last weekend w/ Susan:

  1. naia Dd’O: Rueda (13.5%; Vnyds > 40 yrs old; Verdejo grape; L21153; Aviva Vino/NY) Bodegas Naia/La Seca/Valladolid 2020: Light gold color; quite floral/carnations/Verdejo spicy/perfumed talc light chalky rather attractive nose; fairly tart/tangy/metallic some rich/lush slight metallic strong floral/Verdejo/carnations light chalky/mineral quite pleasant flavor; ling light chalky/perfumed talc slight metallic/steely fairly strong floral/Verdejo/carnations/bit spicy finish; a quite pretty/pleasant expression of Spanish Verdejo at a good price.
    $14.00 (Prima IlC)

  1. Tabarrini IlPadrone della Vigne IGT: Umbria Rosso RW (15%; Sangiovese + Sagrantino/Barbera;; Lyra Imprts/South SF) Tabarrini Giampaola/Turrita/Montefalco 2018: Very dark color; strong blackberry/black cherry/Sangio some toasty/oak fairly intense nose; lightly tart fairly hard/tannic/rugged strong Sangio/black cherry/blackberry some toasty/Fr.oak some earthy bit rustic flavor w/ ample hard tannins; long strong black cherry/Sangio/blackberry rather toasty/Fr.oak some earthy/rustic finish w/ hard chewey tannins; a rather hard/blocky/rugged expression of Sangio that needs 3-6 yrs yet. $20.00 (Prima IlC)

  1. Clos Larrouyat Phoenix AC: Jurancon (12%; 100% Petit Manseng; MeBaD; KermitLynch/Berkeley) Maxime & Lucie Solharang/Gan 2020: Light gold color; strong fragrant ripe peach/pear/mango/pineapple rather floral/gardenias light mineral fairly complex beautiful nose; fairly tart/tangy lightly sweet (5%-8% r.s.?) very strong ripe peach/pear/mango/pineapple/spicy light earthy almost R/spatlese-like beautiful flavor; very long/lingering lightly tart/tangy very strong ripe/juicy peach/pear/pineapple/mango slight earthy fairly sweet some complex finish; a really lovely dessert wine w/o the rustic/earthy character you find in some Jurancon whites; fairly priced at $39.00/500 ml (KK)

More tuttersvelt from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Jurancon: This is a late harvest PetitManseng left on the vine to ripen. Botrytis plays no role in these wines. This is one that would give the TablasCreek PetiteManseng a good run for its money.
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Might have to try this as I like the Tablas Creek Petit Manseng.

They have it at both Kokomans and Susan’s.

Super-pricey, but the Dagueneau Jardins du Babylone is spectacular dessert. From January 2017

"2010 Didier Dagueneau Les Jardins du Babylone

This honestly probably wouldn’t have stayed out, but my friend Heather was in attendance and her eyes went very round and wide when she saw this, and when the vote came up to choose one or the other, the table said “both, please” :slight_smile: My first try of his Jurancon project, this is 100% Petit Manseng. And guys, I’ve never had anything like it before. Aromas are hard to pin down, but some saline, some honeysuckle, some kumquat maybe. Taste is even more deliciously elusive. Various white and yellow fruits make their way across your tongue and dance right off it. I identified a kind of sake note in the middle to back and Heather had ginger and maybe a very tiny touch of peat for her impression, along with a bit more saline, yet all just touch-sweet. The only thing that maybe would come close for me is a Tokay Pinot Gris VT or maybe one of those Muller-Catoir Scheurebes, but this had so much more going on. A truly unique experience and one I’ll probably not soon forget. I’m happy to have some to retaste tonight."

And from December 2019

"2011 Jardins du Babylone

My other contribution, as I was pretty sure Victor had never had it. This was a surprising contrast to the 2010 bottle I had a couple years ago. Where that bottle was pretty thick and rich, this one had a lot more acid carry. Stan gets pineapple which I can see, along with some apricot and tangerine and a misting of ginger. I have saved some off to try over the next few days. A very solid effort always unique."