TN: A Semillon & A WashState Syrah...(short/boring)

Tried these two last night w/ DinDin:

  1. Bedrock CuveeKaratas SonomaCnty WW (Semillon plntd in 1886; MonteRossoVnyd; 14.1%) 2019: Light gold color; strong figgy/fig newton/green olive tapenade/waxy/Sem slight earthy rather attractive bit closed nose; fairly tart bit austere/tight some earthy/dusty light pencilly/oak rather Sem/figgy/waxy/green olive bit tight/lean/austere/dry flavor; very long rather Sem/figgy/green olive tapenade/waxy light pencilly totally dry/bit austere finish; a pretty classic young Calif Semillon that needs 4-10 yrs; a rather austere young Sem that’s rather unthrilling now but should evolve something marvelous w/ age. $39.00

  1. Finn Hill Syrah L’Abime CorfuCrossingVnyd/ColumbiaVlly (14.8%; Rob Entrekin/Woodinville 2014: Very dark color; very strong blackberry/Syrah/blueberry/slight peppery/bit plummy light smokey/oak some earthy/dusty bit complex very interesting nose; bit soft stron g blackberry/Syrah/spicy/peppery light smokey/oak somewhat earthy/loamy fairly rich/lush some structured flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very long strong blackberry/Syrah/plummy/spicy/peppery/boysenberry bit smokey/oak light earthy finish w/ light tannins; a very good/solid/4-square WashState Syrah at a great price. $18.50 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Bedrock: This is a pretty classic young Calif Semillon that badly needs age. I’ve had a couple of the old LouisMartini Semillons at 20-30 yrs of age that were amazingly good/complex old Semillon. This one should also do that I suspect.

  1. FinnHill: This showed up at Kokomans last week. I’d never heard of this wnry and knew I must try it. I was rather impressed. Rob has a fairly extensive portfolio of wines & I’d like to try more of them, all reasonably priced.