TN: a mature Gouges! 1993 LSG

cross that off the bucket list—a mature Gouges. The 93 les St. Georges was full of tertiary notes, mushroom, sous bois, firm but ripe tannins, good density and still a bit of fruit. All in all a solid Nuits. I Nuits’d come around eventually! Sort of like old Faiveley or Dunn Howell Mountain.

Gouges job on the TN.

Good news… maybe the 1996 will be ready in a few years? I have been sitting on my 3 bottles for what seems like forever.


Let me know if you check it out!

OMG! That bodes well for my '93 Les Prulières, which could easily have been mistaken for a Barolo early in its life.

You’ve performed a noble public service, Alan!

Thanks for the note, I should bring out the case from long term storage in the next shipment.

+1 on the noble public service.

Mature Gouges? Should we open a Champagne too?

Does anyone have details on winemaking back in the day - I was told at the estate that they have always 100% destemmed.

I have some magnums of the 2010 clos des porrets that may never be ready to drink, at least not in my lifetime.

I have a bunch of the '04 (I know it was a bad year) that were down the drain awful until the last few years. Still not wonderful but certainly drinkable. Maybe in another 10 years they will be wonderful??


Congratulations! I always wondered when this would happen.


Wow, 93 Gouges came around? That gives me hope for my 96s.

97s have been drinking well for years.

Yeah, LSG is relatively soft. I am waiting on the ‘93:Vaucrains!

Hoping for the same 04 comeback

Maybe I’ll get to drink my 2002-2003 one day…
On the bright side since Antoine (son) came back, the wines really changed and I strongly encourage you to taste the latest vintages (2017 on, maybe 2016 TBC).

I would agree. I had the first of my 6 in 2003, and it was primary and backwards. My most recent one in 2019 was singing. Unfortunately I only have one left.

Congrats on the UFO sighting!