TN: A High altitude whole cluster Malbec?!

Sometimes trends changes and/or winemakers with new ideas show us new ways.
We have seen it in the past few years with Grenache where ligther less alcohol heavy versions has gained real traction.

This is certainly a different take on a grape we all have our preconceptions about: Malbec.

After tasting one of their whites, which i liked a lot, i had to try this Malbec out of pure curiosity.

Michelini I Mufatto, Oleo, La Cautiva, 2018.

High altitude. Whole clusters. Old barrels. Pure Malbec from a special vineyard plot that showed a different character in barrel. So they bottled it on its own: Oleo.
Dark berries, dark chocolate and some licorice. Then there are notes of red raspberries, flowers, elderberries(!), a high pitched perfumed note along with some whole cluster spice and something savoury. Iron. Stones. All packed in 13,4% abv and with a refreshing acidity. Certainly a much more lifted version of Malbec. Nothing sweet or super heavy here. There is a serious complexity to the wine. But(!) right now the tannins are the elephant in the room. It will need a few years to soften a bit.

A very interesting take on Malbec. I like it and is excited to see how it evolves.

915 bottles was made in this vintage.

Next bottle in 5+ years.


I’d love to try this.


It is very fun to try! A little expensive though… not sure how easy it is to sell Malbec in this price range.

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Sounds very interesting. I really enjoy this style of Malbec compared to the ever so common dense and extracted renditions.

It does sound interesting. I love the wines of Cahors and have never really had anything from Argentina that was as promising as the best Cahors wines. I looked up the price of the Oleo here in the US - only one retailer that can deliver to me, at $100. Ouch!

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Yes it is really expensive. I bought three bottles on sale and got them at 45€ each.