TN: '99 Torii Mor Amelia Rose Cuvee

Yesterday I took on the project of clearing my cellar of all the bottles blocking my way to my wine racks.
Once I accomplished that I went looking for this '99 Torii Mor Amelia Rose because I remembered that even years ago it exhibited seepage and a ballooned capsule.
The cork was slightly depressed in the neck, there was dried residue all around the neck once the capsule was removed and I had to be careful with my ah-so to avoid pushing the shrunken cork down. There was very slight ullage.
Took my first whiffy sniffy and it was definitely wine and not vinegar.
Poured into a Grassl 1885 it was predominately brick red with watery edges.
Piercing deep crushed violet, cinnamon, and white pepper nose.
Simply the most incredible plush and velvety mouthfeel and a long full finish.
All that for fifteen minutes.
Then, like Flowers for Algernon or that even cheesier “Awakenings” with Robin Williams, or maybe a bad souffle, it collapsed.
The fruit receded and it became dominated by acid. Still drinkable, just not the utterly gorgeous wine it had been.