TN: 99 Ployez-Jacquemart d’Harbonville, 93 Potinet-Ampeau Meursault Charmes, 04 Arnoux Suchots

the 99 P-J d’Harbonville was fresh and super, fine mousse, good density, long life ahead, very refined drink. I’m surprised it’s not more regarded. The 93 Meursault had a lot of nuttiness but was a bit tired and past prime. Arnoux Suchots had no herbal greenness and was a fabulous quaff, ripe fruit, crazy Burgundy nose with a bit of stink and dark fruit that echoed in the flavors. Really good stuff. A good night.

The last 04 Arnoux I had was very green. I pulled my last two bottles of my case so I’ll check one out soon. Out of 10 that I’ve had, about half have been green and sadly, a couple even went down the drain.

Suchots? Maybe I’m immune!

Yes, Suchots.