TN: '99 Girardin Clos de Béze from magnum

Brought by a friend to a dinner last night. Dark purple, youthful appearing. Exotic, ripe nose. Dark berries, abundant oakiness, ripe fruit in spades. Had I not seen the bottle, I never would have guessed this was from Burgundy. Interesting, but not my cup of tea. I have a couple of 750s & can only hope that with some appropriate time in the cellar this will mellow out & show something of its origin someday…

So…typical Girardin then?

Man if I brought a CA Pinot to dinner and someone else brought Girardin I’d be PISSED.

(Sorry if you don’t get the joke, just beating an old, long dead horse) [berserker.gif]

On a more genuine note, I’ve liked a lot of Girardin whites. I have only had a couple of reds, but my experiences weren’t great (similar to yours though with lesser wines in his portfolio).

The only good red I have ever had from him was '99 Bonnes Mares but that was when my taste was different. I might hate it now. Not sure how this post helped. Sorry about the wine. I hate Burg like that but would rather drink VG than Fredrick Magnien.